Pro USA Editors LLC provides professional editing services for dissertations, theses, books, essays, academic research papers, grant applications, personal statements, resumes, cover letters, etc. We also provide document translation into English, book indexing, and graphic design services. We are legally registered in the City of San Bernardino, California, with a business license number 972614 and a State of California incorporation number 202250912879.

Our professional editors are committed to delivering error-free documents that align with the objectives of your manuscripts. So, whether you are a student who needs an essay polished, an author who needs a book or manuscript edited, a doctoral or graduate-level candidate who needs their dissertation or thesis to be flawless, a company that needs help with overflow, a job-seeker who needs a resume or cover letter edited, or grant writers who need their grant applications edited, our exceptional editing services are what you need.

Our customers receive excellent service and quick turnaround times. And while your work is in progress with one of our experienced editors, you will be able to communicate with the editors, lead editors, senior lead editors, and quality assurance personnel to ensure the objectives of your research work are met. We are a team here to help you. We understand how much time and effort you have put into your book or research work, and we know how frightening it can be to hand it over to someone else. But you can be confident that we will carefully review and edit your work to your satisfaction. You can trust us! We value confidentiality and assure you that your work is secure with us.




While pursuing your doctoral degree, you will face hundreds of new hurdles, but one of them does not have to be receiving final approval of your dissertation. At this moment, you are one step closer to earning your degree. No one can be trusted with this last step! You have a lot of great ideas, but they need to be communicated well for people to understand and appreciate them.



If not years of study and writing, then months go into your thesis. You want it to be error-free since you've constructed your case and established your position. Please put your trust in no one when it comes to something this priceless. You can rely on Pro USA Editors to ensure its success! We can guarantee that it is faultless. We have an eagle eye for detail.


Academic Research Paper

You've crafted an educated argument, documented your knowledge, and are now prepared to submit your academic research paper for peer review and publication. You need an editor who will ask compelling questions to ensure that your work is complete. Is the paper consistent with the title? Does it express the issue succinctly?



You have just graduated from college and need to find a job. Or perhaps you want to transition to a new career field. Maybe you just want to use your experience to make a difference in the world, and now you want the job that will let you do that.


Cover Letter

Eighty-three percent of human resources professionals say cover letters are an essential hiring component. As such, if you want to improve your chances of landing your dream job, let Pro USA Editors pair your awesome resume with an equally outstanding cover letter.


Grant Proposals

You have had a vision for improving this world or for making a difference, and the grant proposal is ready to secure the funding you need to accomplish it. Turning your dreams into something tangible is both exciting and scary at the same time, especially when it comes to asking for help funding such a dream.

Meet our Editors

At Pro USA Editors, our goal is to provide you with the very best results, and your satisfaction and success are our top concerns. We understand what is at stake for you, and we value the trust you place in us to give you first-rate results. Anything less will not suffice, and we will not deliver your project until our quality standards have been met. Our editors are the best in the industry and have a minimum of five cumulative years of experience. We know there is no one better. While we trust their expertise, we settle for nothing less than perfect. That’s why we go one step further and run our editors’ work by a team of quality assurance editors so we can deliver a project with absolute certainty of not having missed any errors.

We double-check our work and perform a quality review on our editing before considering an order complete. In addition, our Quality Assurance Team of Editors (QATE) spends extensive time doing what they do best—making sure we have done our job and have done it with the utmost quality.

Our QATE evaluates each edited document to ensure that the order instructions are met before releasing it to you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our QATE’s objective is to ensure we deliver a top-quality project, and they accomplish this by checking the edited content for any missed errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. In addition, they inspect for adherence to style guides, and they provide recommendations to the editors to improve clarity, content, and overall quality.