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About US

Pro USA Editors LLC provides professional editing services for dissertations, theses, books, essays, academic research papers, grant applications, personal statements, resumes, cover letters, etc. We also provide document translation into English, book indexing, and graphic design services. We are legally registered in the City of San Bernardino, California, with a business license number 972614 and a State of California incorporation number 202250912879.

Our professional editors are committed to delivering error-free documents that align with the objectives of your manuscripts. So, whether you are a student who needs an essay polished, an author who needs a book or manuscript edited, a doctoral or graduate-level candidate who needs their dissertation or thesis to be flawless, a company that needs help with overflow, a job-seeker who needs a resume or cover letter edited, or grant writers who need their grant applications edited, our exceptional editing services are what you need best replica rolex datejust mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 116334bksj black dial review.

Our customers receive excellent service and quick turnaround times. And while your work is in progress with one of our experienced editors, you will be able to communicate with the editors, lead editors, senior lead editors, and quality assurance personnel to ensure the objectives of your research work are met. We are a team here to help you. We understand how much time and effort you have put into your book or research work, and we know how frightening it can be to hand it over to someone else. But you can be confident that we will carefully review and edit your work to your satisfaction. You can trust us! We value confidentiality and assure you that your work is secure with us.

Why do you need professional editing?

Editing can improve the quality of any written work. After you’ve completed your writing, you must overcome the challenge of remaining objective about your own words. Writers become accustomed to their surroundings, and the words begin to blur. Errors are easily overlooked.

This is where Pro USA Editors LLC can help.

We are unbiased. We have first-hand knowledge of what is involved because our editors authored their dissertations, theses, and numerous journal articles in high-tier journals. Not all editors are created equally. Some editors think they are good because they are writers and consider themselves qualified to edit someone else’s work. Maybe they can quickly spot misspelled words or pick up on subtle inconsistencies in writing. On the other hand, an experienced writer indeed understands how to make the writing flow and make small improvements vapen.

Then some editors are genuinely skilled beyond what we can understand, and they can take a project and tear it apart to rebuild it into a beautiful masterpiece without losing the writer’s style or voice and without interjecting their own identity into the project.

You want an editor who can do that!

The editor must be above average with his writing skills to take your writing and make it better than the competition. An experienced editor will understand grammar, including subject-verb agreement and punctuation use. He will also understand style rules. He will be able to spot inconsistencies in your content. And mostly, he will not be afraid to hurt your feelings if it means improving your work and making it stand out.

Importantly, because he has immaculate attention to detail, he will not skim over your work but will give every sentence his undivided attention, making sure it has reached perfection when he is done with it.

At Pro USA Editors LLC, you will find all of this and more. In fact, the founder and CEO of Pro USA Editors LLC is an author himself, having authored over 30 peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Additionally, he’s the author of three books, including college textbooks on “Guidelines for Effective Research to Publications: A Concise Approach, first and second editions” and “Becoming a Successful Faculty: A Practical Guide.” His books are on Amazon and other bookstores. He is also a full professor, which means he has the highest ranking as a university professor. This ranking is evidence of a career spent in teaching, research, publications, and service.

High-tier journal editors have invited him to review manuscripts and provide other editorial services, giving him an endorsement of quality that comes from the invitation alone. A high-tier journal is one that the respective community believes to be of the highest quality. It has a reputation for publishing high-quality research, has a scrupulous peer-review process, and attracts a global readership. To be invited by these journals is essentially bestowing a mark of excellence on his skills. Therefore, you can be sure your projects will be in the best hands possible. As an author himself, he knows how important it is for your work to be well done and free of mistakes.

What we can do for you

A. Editing services to improve the content. Your assigned editor(s) will:

B. Editing services to improve readability. Your editor(s) will:

We can also help format your work into APA or another style. Our expertise covers all citation and formatting styles, including APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Sage Vancouver, etc. You must concentrate on what is essential—researching and developing your ideas and putting them on paper. Then, you can trust us to make your writing stronger and more acceptable after the editing process.

Why you should trust Pro USA Editors LLC

You’ve finished your research and writing, and now you need to hire a professional to polish your work. You can rely on us to protect your work and investment. We guarantee client confidentiality. Your dissertation, thesis, books, academic research papers, grant applications, personal statements, resume, etc. contain original research, ideas, and writing. Your work will never be shared with anyone else. We are ethical. We do not author essays, theses, or dissertations for students, nor do we conduct research on their behalf.

Working with us will not violate any of your university’s policies. Our quality is unrivaled. We hire experienced editors who are published authors, professors, and writers with many years of proven track records, and you will always get the best editing for your dissertation, thesis, essay, book, or other academic papers.

At Pro USA Editors LLC, we believe your words mean something, and ours do, too. We are committed to providing you with the best online professional editing according to your document type and preserving the confidentiality of your work. We are here when you need us, and we guarantee our army of professional editors will deliver the best editing you will find anywhere. We’ll help you take your writing to the next level!

Experienced Editors for a Low Price

When it comes to editing your projects, you want to be confident that you get your money’s worth and that the result is free of error. At Pro USA Editing, we can guarantee that. Our editors are industry professionals who can polish your work, so your ideas stand out. They will double-check style guides, rearrange paragraphs, and find the perfect word to make your sentences more compelling. They will also choose words to make your readers see what you see and communicate your message appropriately. Not only will they correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but they will help strengthen your ideas and ensure your work has a flow that makes sense. You have the best things to say, but if they are not organized in a way that makes sense to the reader, you will lose them. Our goal is to make your work as strong as possible. Therefore, we will not shy away from giving you the hard truth about what is needed to improve your writing to make it stick in the heads of others.

We know what is needed to make your finished work the best it can be, and we aren’t afraid to address issues and then work with you to improve them. This is why we operate on the belief that there is no such thing as having experienced editors who are professors, writers, and authors and whose aim is to ensure a flawless piece of work you will be satisfied with.

Our editors’ desire is for you to succeed. If your project doesn’t do well, it reflects poorly on us as editors. We are invested in your work as if it is the only project we have going, and we will give it our utmost attention. We are invested in your success, and that means using experienced editors to take your work from great to stellar.

Your reputation depends on solid writing, and ours depends on substantial in-depth editing. So, we’ll give you that guarantee!

About the Founder & CEO

Dr. Paulchris Okpala is a full professor in the Department of Health Science and Human Ecology at California State University, San Bernardino, California. He is also the Interim Executive Director of Faculty Development; Director of the Center for Health Equity Research Development and Dissemination; and program director, Master of Science in Health Service Administration, at California State University, San Bernardino. In addition, Professor Okpala, a licensed respiratory care practitioner in California, served as Chair, Academic Affairs, Healthcare Executives of Southern California. Professor Okpala, a distinguished scholar, has authored over 30 peer-reviewed scholarly journals, appearing primarily in the Journal of Healthcare Management and the International Journal of Healthcare Management. Additionally, he’s the author of three books: “Guidelines for Effective Research to Publications: A Concise Approach, first and second editions”; and “Becoming a Successful Faculty: A Practical Guide.” He has also presented his intellectual work and publications at national and international professional conferences. Editors of top journals have also asked Professor Okpala to work as an editor for professional or academic journals.

As the founder and CEO of Pro USA Editors LLC, he leads a team of renowned experienced editors toward a common goal: delivering a project with quality content editing and information that keeps the reader interested. His goal is to make your work better in the end, and with his experience and leadership skills, you can rest assured he will make that happen.