Types of Editing We Provide

Developmental Editing

Generally referred to as content editing, this is the initial phase in the editing process and entails changing an early copy of a document by relocating, adding, or removing whole sections. This phase addresses and corrects structural, content, and form concerns. We consider the big picture during this editing stage—what is your article attempting to communicate? Is the document appropriately structured? As your developmental editor, Pro USA Editors LLC will not make any changes to your writing. Rather than that, we will advise you and provide comments on the whole project. Our objective is to take your unpolished thoughts and assist you in developing a great second draft. We will help you strengthen your argument and create a convincing yet accurate flow of information reloj rolex deepsea 126660 azul degradado para hombre de 44 mm


Substantive Editing

As with developmental editing, substantive editing is concerned with the manuscript’s overall structure. This may include modifying the text’s structure and substance. We will examine the document’s ideas and give input throughout this editing phase. The text may be revised to improve its natural flow and coherence. Content may be trimmed or added, and stylistic and content discrepancies will be eliminated or corrected. You’ve worked diligently on your paper, and in this step, we’ll determine if it’s written in an audience-appropriate style

Line Editing

Following content editing, line editing is the next stage. At this stage, we are concerned with the sentence and paragraph structures. Pro USA Editors LLC will enhance the language used to explain the material as your line editor, often by modifying words, phrases, and paragraphs to better the flow of ideas. We will go over your paper sentence by sentence, searching for grammatical problems. Additionally, we will address the following concerns as we work: Is the phrase too long? Are the sentences well-structured and natural-flowing? Is there an excess of cliches? Is the author’s perspective constant throughout? You may have the most exemplary ideas globally, but they will be lost to your audience if you do not communicate them effectively.


Copy Editing

Copy editing entails comprehending the context and concept of your text while adhering to your established tone of voice and style rules. A competent editor can polish and prepare your material for release. Whereas the line editor is concerned with style, the copy editor is concerned with mechanics. Is a comma required here? Is it necessary to hyphenate the word? At Pro USA Editors LLC, we will examine your work objectively. Even the tiniest flaws will be discovered, leaving you with a flawless piece of work.

Mechanical Editing

Mechanical editing, which is often included in copy editing, focuses on applying a specific style to your work. The Chicago Manual of Style and the Associated Press (AP) Style are two examples. A mechanical editor is concerned with punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and abbreviations as style guidelines. We will ensure that your writing is clear and straightforward, as well as reader-appropriate. Inconsistencies in style and formatting, as well as spelling, grammatical, and punctuation problems, will be fixed. We will polish and modify your work while maintaining its original content and structure.


Pro USA Editors’ LLC are skilled at revising papers while making significant changes. We can improve your work and provide language that accurately portrays your abilities. Avoid other online editing firms that use inexperienced editors. Put no one’s future in their hands. Our editors are well-versed in their areas of the discipline.

You need the assistance of a professional capable of maximizing your momentum. The quality and correctness of your work are directly related to your reputation. You compose it; we’ll infuse it with life! The expertise and abilities of our editors dictate the quality of our editing.

Our team consists of published writers, professors, and seasoned industry professionals. We know that you want to be sure that you’re getting good service at a reasonable price, so we keep our prices extremely low.