Professional eBook Cover Design Services

A great book cover is essential for a successful book. Our professional designers will create an amazing cover that will help your book stand out from the competition. Try our professional eBook cover design services today – you will not look back!

An average eBook cover design will cost you somewhere between $250 to $550. Print covers may cost an extra $200. This means that if an eBook cover costs $250, print and eBook together would be around $450.

It works in four steps:

Step 1: Research Your Competitors

Before you create an eBook cover, do some industry research. Specifically, study the top sellers in your field. Here are a few places to look for eBooks:

  • Amazon
  • Google Play or Google Book Carousel
  • Kobo

To discover the most popular books in your topic, try searching for keywords. For example, if you are a chef producing an eBook on cooking fundamentals, you might search for “cookbook for beginners” or “simple cooking skills.”

Examine the covers of the top sellers in your field after looking for your competition. Are there any particular colors that jump out? Is there a difference between various layouts?

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If I search for “business books,” many of the Book Carousel highlights in Google employ red, orange, and yellow color schemes and do not utilize script fonts.

On the other hand, if I search for “kids’ cookbooks,” my results contrast significantly from those of the preceding category: they are bright, unique covers with elaborate typefaces, unlike the corporate tomes above!

Doing research will help you narrow down your options and figure out what works best with your target audience.

Step 2: Choose Your Tool (eBook Cover Creator Software)

After that, you must choose which eBook cover maker software you will use. Let’s have a look at some free alternatives.

There are several free drag-and-drop editors that may be used to create an eBook cover. While they aren’t designed specifically for eBooks, they offer everything you need in terms of features. Three prominent examples include:

  1. BeFunky
  2. Snappa
  3. Canva

You can customize the designs using any of the three editors’ libraries of typefaces, icons, graphics, and stock images. If you don’t discover what you’re looking for in their libraries, you may submit your own design elements.

Because it provides pre-designed eBook cover templates, Canva is a fantastic choice for beginners. You may also sort templates by color on Canva. You can also use Microsoft Word to design the cover.

Step 3: Design Your Cover

You will have to take care of dimensions, font psychology, as well as color psychology.

Step 4: Mockup Your eBook Cover

An eBook mockup will get you more sales than one without it.

When you are ready to put your book out into the world, you want to make sure that it’s got a professional, eye-catching cover. That’s where professional eBook cover design services come in. At Pro USA Editors, we have a team of experienced designers who can help you create a stunning cover for your eBook.

There are a few things that go into professional Book cover design services, and our team will work with you to make sure that all of the elements come together perfectly. We will start by getting to know your book and understanding what it’s all about. Then, we will come up with some concepts and designs that we think will capture the essence of your book. Once you have chosen the perfect design, we will get to work on making it a reality.

Order your cover today and see the difference it makes in your book’s success. Visit our website to learn more and hire our professional eBook cover design services!